From Reno or Carson City

The Saloon is located on the south end of Reno ...  From US 395 turn toward Virginia City ... 3 miles up the road you will see a 7-11 on your left and  Nick and Willies Pizza on your right.  We located on the right-hand side of the road next to Nick and Willies.   If you past the Foothills Market you just missed us hook a UE in the Market Parking lot.


From Virginia City

The Saloon is located at the bottom of Geiger Grade Road. After the last turn (was that a fun ride or what ... 82 turns but who is counting)   1.5 mile down the road you will see a market on your left ... slow down (two reasons first you will miss our driveway and second the cops write a lot of tickets to folks that are speeding off the hill). Pass the Market but before the 7-11 you will turn left (Just after the tree on your left ... it makes it hard to see our driveway until you are very close to it).  If you miss us it hook a UE in 7-11.